quinta-feira, 3 de fevereiro de 2011

o que a oposição quer

"It will look like Turkey. With a Prime Minister elected between the people and parties and a President, and a very strong Army to serve the constitution and the respect of the constitution -- and the respect of all the international agreements."

"The reality is that for the last 30 years there was no real peace with Israel. There was peace between Mubarak and them, but there was no peace between the nation of Egypt and the Israelis. And if we become elected and come with democracy I think a nation with democracy can talk to another nation with democracy. I'm sure the Israelis want to live in peace; like the Egyptians, like the Palestinians."

"A real democratic Egypt, where the people will choose their leaders, like you have here in the United States...like you in the countries who took their road and right path. We want the right path. We think democracy is our only way out and it's your only way out in the United States or in Europe. Democracy in our country means you will ally the nation, not a man...Choose between the nation and the man."

Mustafa el-Gindy, antigo membro independente do parlamento egípcio e actualmente membro da oposição, numa entrevista ao FP.

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