sexta-feira, 6 de fevereiro de 2009

raparigas, sejam mães e não usem calças ou calções porque provocam o aborto

Dear Friends and Benefactors:

Summer's end may not seem to be the cleverest moment to choose to write about women's dress. Surely the arrival rather than the departure of the warm weather would be the time to inveigh against immodest clothing. However, several ladies happen to have raised with me this summer the question of women wearing trousers or shorts (pants), and the problem is broader and deeper than just immodesty, grave though immodesty is.
The modern world will have none of Jesus Christ's solutions to Adam's and Eve's problems. Making idols of liberty and equality, to refuse any inequality or subordination of woman to man, it will deny any distinction between them, it denies of course any order of God in His creation, any need for Redemption, and it will deny if necessary God's very existence. Today's feminism is intimately connected to witchcraft and satanism.
Places of work will soon have to extract in advance from women sworn declarations whether they do, or do not, want to have advances made to them! But what was to be expected when women were pulled out of their home? It all serves the liberal men right for so misleading their women.
Heaven help us! The womanliness of our women is being rooted out and the result is a way of life doomed to self-destruction, doomed to abort.

Girls, be mothers, and in order to be mothers, let not wild horses drag you into shorts or trousers. When activities are proposed to you requiring trousers, if it is something your great-grandmother did, then find a way of doing it, like her, in a skirt. And if your great-grandmother did not do it, then forget it! Her generation created your country, your generation is destroying it. Of course not all women who wear trousers abort the fruit of their womb, but all help to create the abortive society. Old-fashioned is good, modern is suicidal. You wish to stop abortion? Do it by example. Never wear trousers or shorts. Bishop de Castro Mayer was right.


Most sincerely yours in his Sacred Heart,

+Richard Williamson

Nota : copiado e colado directamente daqui sem permissão. Os problemas deste bispo não se esgotam na negação do Holocausto. O homem é completamente louco, perverso, mau e quando morrer vai direitinho para o inferno.

4 comentários:

blue disse...

se inferno houvesse...

Maria N. disse...

pois, os maus safam-se sempre...

Helena disse...

E também diz que frequentar a universidade é contra a natureza das mulheres. E que o 11 de setembro foi feito pelo governo americano.
E uma quantidade incrível de enormidades do género.

Não dá para entender.
Mas é verdade que entre os cristãos há este tipo de fundamentalismos. E eles acham que o céu é só para eles.

ecila disse...

Tens razao, esse vai mesmo direitinho. Mau, mas mesmo mauzinho, daqueles que imagino a fazer as coisas mais escabrosas se lhe fosse dado o poder e a oportunidade...