quinta-feira, 1 de janeiro de 2009

vozes da dissidência (Gaza)

De Ramzy (Gaza)

«Hamas, Take your hands off the people!

(...)Both Israel and the Arab regimes wish they would wake up one day and find all the Palestinians have been thrown into Gaza sea. True to this, Egypt is collaborating with Israel in tightening the siege on Gaza people for no good reason. I think we do know all this and act a blind eye and a deaf ear because the suffering of the Palestinian people also makes good business for some of us. What a shame!! Unlike all now free peoples that have fought to gain their independence, we fight to trade our blood for tremendous amounts of money from countries or groups with interests in the region. Seems like good business? One would say the Palestinian factions need funds to enable themselves to fight. It is true but there is something called higher national interests that must rise above the agendas’ of the money giver. Our higher national interests must be our guide as to how and when to fight. But in our case, the orders to escalate the situation come from above regardless of the fatal consequences on part of the Palestinian innocent people. They say this is honorable Jihad!! Where the honor is in causing the death of hundreds of innocent civilians for nothing in return? We have been doing this “jihad” for the last 60 years. What have we achieved? Didn’t we learn the lesson yet? Won’t we ever change our ways? Or maybe we like the view of our people’s blood streams running before our eyes!!Ever since Hamas went to power the Palestinian people’s living conditions are from bad to worse with every day because it is internationally recognized as a terrorist group and can’t be endorsed as part of the world system without renouncing violence and recognizing Israel and therefore a tight siege has been imposed on Gaza Strip. Hamas says it can’t conform to the conditions of the international community to be recognized by it because they go against its principles and charter. No one is asking Hamas to give up on its principles and charter but for God’s sake for the people’s sake step down and let the people live a normal life since there is no way to change the world and make it accept Hamas as it is. If this is said to Hamas leaders and spokesmen, there answer would be as follows; Do you want us to renounce Jerusalem ? Do you want us to renounce the Palestinian refugee’s right to return? Do you want us to let the Israelis take the land? As if Fatah has renounced Jerusalem or the right of return or the land. As if Israel doesn’t already have Jerusalem and the rest of the land and as if Israel would ever allow the refugees to return to their homeland. Every thing they say is just an excuse to stay in power which they have fought long years to seize from Fatah, its long-life rival.»

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