domingo, 21 de dezembro de 2008

beauty - 31knots

We were simply written into the script
As characters decidedly inciting some rift.
Protagonizing, agonizing.
Fictious sightseeeing, so frightening
What it might mean.

I want beauty to believe
That I can be a better sight to see.
That I can shape a saunter from a walk.
And I can grace the senses with a soft
Unassuming touch that, hitherto,
Has never seen the light of darkened rooms.
I have crowned her name
I have cursed it too.
I have held it high
As a basic truth.

But who are you?
Who are you?
We need to see

Still I act as if I have a chance
Relenting or abiding when I can
But, Beauty, hark that I want nothing more than to
fall right back into your arms

And you can sing me pretty lullabies
How everything that matters is in your eyes.
We're passing the massive-destruction-panic.
Didn't it stop dead in its track to vanish?
Didn't it mimic the boredom before it?
Calling into question the method of boredom.

Victory. Vanity.
Victory. Vanity.
Victory. Vanity.
Victory. Vanity.
I believe everything Victory says to me.

Oh, mirror, oh, mirror on the wall.
Is there no beauty behind the wall?

Everything is everywhere.
What a bore,
Who's to...
Giving more, cause everything...
I'm a whore,
from everything and everywhere.
Beauty's a whore, from everything and everywhere
Beauty is a whore for every

Who are you?
Where are you?
We need to see.
Who are you?

Beauty is you.
See now?

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